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Welcome to has been created as a center of information about commercial sapphire, its uses and its markets.   Whether new to commercial sapphire or an expert wanting a simple way to keep up with this vibrant industry, the content on this site will provide the answers and updates you need.

Commercial Sapphire Overview – This section will provide an overview of commercial sapphire including its real-world uses, industry trend towards large diameter wafers, and the commercial demand for sapphire.


Manufacturing and Fabrication – To understand the commercial sapphire market you must understand the growth methodologies and fabrication strategies that dictate product differentiation and manufacturer yield. 


Industries Served – Expected to be among the fastest growth market in the world, here the LED industry is explained and tracked.  Opportunities in the optical markets and innovative new uses for sapphire such as Silicon-on-Sapphire (SoS).


Large Diameter Sapphire Substrate Market – Larger-diameter sapphire substrate is the future of the sapphire market particularly the high-demand, high-margin part of the market.  Understand what it takes to deliver larger-diameter products and the technologies that are delivering in commercial quantities.


Sapphire Industry Watch – Aggregated headlines related to sapphire.  Easily keep up-to-date by regularly following this list of “must reads.”


ClearlySapphire Blog – Industry commentary and observations – going beyond the headlines.